Worship, Arts, and Tech

Worship Ministry

Music is one of the primary ways we worship at City Church and is an integral part of our Sunday Morning Services and Tuesday Prayer Meeting.  The worship ministry consists of instrumental and vocal musicians of various ages and styles who serve as a part of worship teams for our services.

Arts Ministry

City Church values the creative arts as a part of worship and ministry in the local church as well as a way of reaching outside of the church..  This ministry is active as a part of the Sunday Morning Service Team as well as plays a primary role in the creation and presentation of our special services and events throughout the year.  The Arts Ministry includes opportunities in service planning, drama, dance, writing, staging, the visual arts and more.  City Church Arts Ministry includes the theatre group Mad Fools Guild which is dedicated to storytelling with a purpose.

Tech Ministry

The Tech Ministry at City Church is a vital part of the Sunday Morning Service Team and also supports many other ministries throughout the church.  Tech Ministry includes opportunities to assist with sound, recording, graphics, computer, lighting, video, producing and many other aspects of technology used in our services and events.

City Church Arts Ministry Prayer

Join the artists at City Church in praying this prayer!  We believe it is God's vision for us and for the ministry.

Worship, Arts & Tech Ministry Contacts

Worship Pastor, Nathan Rohde

Arts & Communications Pastor, Sarah Karlen

Tech Ministry, Sarah Karlen

City Church Artists' Facebook Group

Looking to connect with Christian artists?  Check out the City Church Artists' Facebook Group.  The group was created as a place for Christian artists to connect, share their artwork, encourage one another, discover new art and see what we can do together for the Kingdom of God.