Marriage Ministries

Marriage is an intimate personal union in which a man and a woman covenant together with God in a life-long partnership of mutual love and commitment. Marriage is an order of creation. It was designed by God to be a reflection of the Trinity and foreshadowing of the marriage of Christ and His Church.

For the aforementioned reasons, marriage is very important to God. A good marriage is necessary for a healthy family, church, community, and for society as a whole. It is no wonder that the very foundation of marriage is under attack.

At City Church, it is our desire to do everything we can to support and strengthen marriages. To this end we have three separate focuses to our marriage ministries.

Pre-marriage Mentoring

For engaged couples who desire to be married at City Church, there is intentional season of marriage preparation. This involves taking an online inventory and completing prescribed exercises with an assigned mentoring couple. Not only does the engaged couple get the important information which is vital for a good marriage, but they get the individualized attention of the mentoring couple and the benefit of learning from their marriage experiences.

Note: For couples who would like to get mentored and married at City Church, please pick up a pre-marriage application and a wedding manual to learn more.

Marriage Enrichment

We always tell couples if they are not making consistent, proactive investments in their marriages, they are losing ground. Just like our cars that need constant maintenance to run well, our marriages need constant maintenance for them to function the way God designed. For this reason, City Church offers a variety of marriage enrichment opportunities including classes, seminars and partnering with other churches to offer marriage strengthening events.

Crisis Marriage Mentoring

When marriages reach a point of crisis because of something like unfaithfulness, abuse or addictions; or when couples lose the ability to communicate and resolve problems so important issues get buried, we strongly recommend professional help. We recommend The Center of Christian Counseling (274-8294).

Unfortunately, most marriage counseling is not covered by health insurance companies. If professional services are possible, City Church has several things to offer. First, we would be happy to pray for you and offer counsel from the Word of God. Second, you can attend the Marriage Re-builders Class which covers variety of critical topics including building a foundation for a healthy marriage and learning healthy communication and problem solving skills. Third, we can assign to you a mentoring couple who will help you work through personal issues.


If you have any questions about any of these ministries e-mail Pastor Joel Alberti at or call 221-1528 Ext. 306.