City Church is a Christian, non-denomination church that has ministry available for people of all ages and interests. Our ministry also includes Campus for Kids Learning Center and Abundant Life Christian School

Our Desire Is For You To...

Come as you are

There is great joy in realizing that you don’t need to pretend or perform for God; His love is deep, passionate, and unfathomably endless. He sent His son to die for us so that we could be rescued and draw close to Him. Jesus truly is a friend to all, and we desire to emulate that every day by extending His love to others and meeting people where they are.

Connect with God

God’s Word (the Bible) is real and relevant to our lives. We believe Jesus is present with us and that He still moves for people on a personal basis every day. He wants each of us to know the joy of forgiveness that comes when we honestly and completely turn to Christ, and we desire to actively seek Him out to bind our hearts to Him and further that connection.

Connect with people

We desire to be a church where it is easy to make friends and establish relationships that enrich our lives and nurture our faith. It is in sharing the life we have in Christ with other people by serving them with our unique talents and abilities, and by receiving from them in return, that we find true joy.

Contend for more of God’s Presence

We desire God to have a tangible Presence in our church and lives. We have a conviction that He will pour out more of Himself on Madison, its surrounding areas, and its churches if we persistently ask for more of His Spirit and pursue pure and inspired unity with the people who share His passions, His purposes, and His heart.

City Church Statement of Belief

City Church

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