Christian Life College - Madison


CLC Madison is an off campus program of Christian Life College located in Mt. Prospect, Illinois.   Our purpose as CLC-Madison is to serve local churches in Wisconsin by educating individuals who seek to serve God with their lives in various ways of ministry.   Academics are provided in a Biblically based, Spirit-filled environment, developing men and women to serve Christ and His Kingdom in the world.

The Academic Program:  Associate of Arts In Biblical Studies

This degree is intended to serve the student who will pursue a non-ministerial career; people who are already established in their career but who desire a Bible college education; people who attend a local church regularly and want to develop their capacity to minister more effectively; and people who simply desire a Bible college education for personal spiritual growth and an understanding of the Scriptures.

This program provides a foundation for further study in the Bachelor of Arts in Ministerial Studies.   The Structure of the Associate of Arts in Christian Studies is 64 credits available from the following curriculum:

12 Credits of Biblical Studies from among:

  • Old Testament Survey
  • New Testament Survey
  • Pentateuch
  • Person and Life of Christ
  • Epistles
  • Elective Individual Study

12 Credits of Theological Studies 

  • Theology I
  • Theology II
  • Church History I
  • Church History II

13 Credits of Christian Study Electives from among:

  • Leadership
  • Principles of Administration and Organization
  • Hermeneutics
  • Homiletics
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Ethics
  • Science and the Bible
  • Culture and Worldviews
  • Marriage and Family

12 Credits of General Education Core Requirements

Currently, CLC – Madison encourages the fulfillment of general education credits through other accredited schools such as Madison Area Technical College, UW Madison, and Edgewood College.  It is possible to fulfill these requirements through online courses.  The breakdown of these General Education Core classes include:

  • Humanities, 6 credits (e.g.   English, Speech, Academic Writing)
  • Social Sciences, 6 credits (e.g.   Psychology, Sociology, History of Western Civilization)

15 Credits of Ministry Practicum    

Classroom instruction is augmented with hands-on ministry training under the supervision of a local church pastor.    Practical ministry responsibilities will allow the student to take classroom training into a mentored in a “learning by doing” model.  The Internship program is a commitment of one year supervision in serving the local church.  The goals are:

  • Personal Growth – Self Understand and Care of Others
  • Spiritual Development – Maturity and Soul Care
  • Theological and Biblical Application – Integration of classroom academics and ministry experience.

Tuition and Fees

The Registration & Application Fee is $25.  This is a one-time fee paid to CLC–Madison. The Registration and Application Fee must accompany the Application Enrollment Form for both credit or audit students.

Tuition Credit Fees:   Tuition per course is $325.00, and all courses presently are 3 credits .  Fees are scheduled as following: The first half is due on or before the first class, and the second half is due before the fourth class. Other arrangements may be made if done with prior approval.  These fees are non-refundable. If a student is willing to pay the entire tuition in full by the first night of class, a $25 discount will be given and tuition will be $300.  The drop date for all classes is the fourth week.  All dropped classes will be converted to an auditing status.

The courses offered by CLC—Madison may be completed for individual study and as such these classes are audited at a reduced rate of tuition.  Audit fees will be assessed by class offering.  The semester fee to audit is $150 if paid in two or more installments, or $125 if paid in full on or before the first night of class. These fees are non-refundable.

Anyone may take a single class or classes within the semester based on their interest in a topic, or desire to learn from the subject material within a specific time frame.  For example, if Old Testament Survey is a semester long course, a person who is auditing may choose to take the two week section on the Historical books alone.  There is no credit issued for any audited sections, and neither is homework, papers or testing required.  Auditing courses is a great way to gain college-level training without the requirements of testing and grades.

Each course is taught by adjunct faculty who meet accrediting requirements.   We are excited to tap into the wealth of resources from Madison-area churches.  Greg Pechacek serves as the Academic Dean and lead instructor.  Classes will be held on Thursday evenings from 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at Abundant Life Christian School, located at 4901 E. Buckeye Rd., Madison, WI.


Student Comments

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the classes I have taken at CLCM."

"Christian Life College is a fantastic opportunity to study the Word of God in depth."

CLC-Madison has allowed me to grow in my relationship with Christ, and to recognize a new purpose for my life."

"It has inspired me to dig deeper into His Word." 

"I have been challenged and convicted right from the beginning, but not in the way I expected."

"These classes are making me a better ministry leader and more in love with Jesus than when I began them."

"Since beginning the course and doing the reading, I am filled with a new sense of service to Him."

"I started my journey at CLC-Madison expecting to grow in knowledge . . . but my journey took me so much deeper."

"This class is awesome and I'm looking forward to using my new skills all the time."

Fall 2017 Course Offering - The Life and Letters of Paul, BI-221-M 

The apostle Paul is considered to be the most influential person in the formation of the early church.  Apart from Jesus, he is the most prominent individual in the New Testament, and he has authored almost half of all of the books of the New Testament.  It is Paul's letters that inform us of the early church's formation -- addressing its problems, explaining the theology of the New Covenant in Jesus, and the nature of the Spirit-filled life of the believer in Christ.

Online Independent Study Course Offerings

Introduction to Christian Leadership, MS-203-M  (Independent Study)

This course is designed to move students into deeper levels of understanding regarding the significant concepts and theories that shape our contemporary understanding of leadership development and function in a Christian context.  From this primary context, students will be guided into discoveries of personal individual styles, strengths, and opportunities for growth in an effort to enhance personal leadership competencies.  This course will also have a deliberate focus on the development of personal character, the deeper life in Christ, and Christ-like servant leadership.

Introduction to Hermeneutics, TH-221-M

The term hermeneutics can be intimidating to most people.  It not only sounds very academic, but it is also foreign to most of our vocabularies.  On the other hand, the act of interpretation (hermeneutics) is as common as communication itself.  Whenever someone speaks, a listener interprets what that speaker means.  In the same way, everyone who reads the Bible interprets what it means.  This course will help students understand the various parameters of biblical interpretation and how specific methods are applied to Bible study.  Emphasis will be placed on understanding the original, intended meaning of scripture in its canonical context as the basis upon which to prepare expositions and make appropriate contemporary applications.

These are independent study courses and, as such, they will have no formal schedule.  

To register for these courses, please download the Enrollment Application and send the completed form, along with the appropriate fee, to Nancy Van Maren, CLCM registrar, 4909 East Buckeye Road, Madison, WI 53716.